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Although I have a passion for photography, I tend to focus more on videography and production.  I enjoy capturing the moment in crisp 4K for later to be produced into a short film that brings you right back. 

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    I enjoy doing many different activities and have acquired many skills throughout the years. Bartending events has proven that I can use most of my skills with just one career. 


      I've worked hard to build my portfolio since I began my journey as a photographer. Now, I am able to confidently make this my life's career and create more happiness by capturing the real and beautiful moments. 


      Tony Stein

      I strive to create great relationships with clients while guiding them through the process of hiring any service through either Bry & Sai or Top Shelf Ethyl. 



      Photography from weddings to birthday parties, we pretty much do it all. 


      Still photos not enough?

      Well, we capture events on video as well, in HD 4K to re-live those moments again.



      Want cocktails served at your event? Whether it's just beer and wine or a full bar, we got you covered. 


      Looking for something sweet to go along with your event? 

      Between cakes and macarons, we can make it happen.